It could be fibromyalgia. Take the FM/a® Test to find out for sure.

•  First definitive test for fibromyalgia
•  Covered by most PPOs, Medicare & other insurance plans
•  Developed by Dr. Bruce Gillis and the University of Illinois College of Medicine

Start now on your journey to relief.

With a positive FM/a® Test result, you can volunteer for an FDA-approved clinical trial of a new treatment to reverse the disease and eliminate your symptoms.


Do you suffer from 4 or more of these symptoms?

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✓ Chronic fatigue

✓ Joint aches

Chronic painful or tender areas

✓ Leg cramps

✓ Mental/brain fogginess

✓ Restless legs when you sleep

Space in the clinical trial is limited.
Take the FM/a® Test now and see if you qualfy to volunteer for the trial.

Just answer a few questions to get started. We'll review your information and contact you.


✓ Poor sleep

✓ Anxiety/nervousness

✓ Trouble concentrating

✓ Feeling depressed

✓ Frequent headaches

✓ Numbness or tingling

It may be fibromyalgia

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